Mixer Video Professionale analogico a 4 canali.

Specifiche tecniche:

  • 4 Channel Digital / Analogue Vision Mixer
  • Mix or Switch between any input without glitches
  • Switchable inputs DV (DV25), Component Y.U.V, S (Y/C) or Composite Video
  • DV, Y.U.V., Y/C, Composite and 10 Bit SDI Output
  • SDI Overlay I/O
  • Dual channel TBC with Y.U.V 4:2:2
  • Frame synchroniser for Composite, S(Y/C) and Component Y.U.V Inputs and Outputs
  • Built in RGB Colour Processor with Memory
  • Programmable Mosaic Effects with Joystick Positioning
  • Digital effects include: A/B Rolls, A/B Dissolves, Chroma-Keying, Mosaics, PIP, Strobes, Fades and Wipes
  • Four Channel Stereo Audio Mixer with Stereo Microphone and Earphone Connections
  • 30 instant Pre-programmable Playback Function Keys
  • Supplied with an Aluminium Case for easy transportation & extra protection